Heavy Equipment Training

Our heavy equipment training program not only has the amazing instructors, but tons of equipment to make sure each student gets plenty of operating experience.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training School With Over 70 Pieces of Machinery

We have bulldozers, front-end loaders, skid steers, and several other pieces of heavy equipment. In fact, HCA is the only school in the nation to guarantee one piece of equipment per student.  Furthermore, our instructors know first-hand how to get a job in the heavy construction business and be successful in the industry.

Front End Loader

Front End Loader Training Programs

We offer front-end loader training and certification which can put you on the track to a career in one of the nation’s fastest growing industries. HCA’s front-end loader training is taught by industry professionals with many years of experience in construction. They’ve trained and certified thousands of students from all over the country, and they can do the same for you. Call 888.772.9002 today to learn more about our heavy equipment operator training programs!

Heavy Equipment Operator

Skid Steer Training

How do I learn to operate a skid steer?

We have the answer! Our professional heavy equipment instructors have the experience and certifications necessary to successfully train students who wish to embark on a career in construction. Our skid steer training program is taught by professionals with many years of experience operating heavy machinery. We have students come from all over the country to attend our programs, and we are happy to help with lodging and financial aid for those who qualify.

Skid Steer Training Vehicle

Backhoe Operator Training

Interested in learning to operate a backhoe?

Our backhoe training might be for you!  Tailored to anyone interested in a heavy equipment operator career, veterans, recent high school graduates and experienced laborers looking for a new career path can all find what they’re looking for right here at HCA.  Our backhoe training programs are taught by industry professionals with many years of experience in construction. Our instructors are proficient and certified, as will you be upon graduating from our school.

Off Road Dump Truck Training

Becoming an Off Road Dump Truck Operator

As you might know, construction is picking up across the country.  Therefore, there is an increasing need for skilled and qualified dump truck operators.

Dump truck operators play an integral role on every work-site.  They are relied on when it comes to keeping production moving along efficiently and on time.

Off Road Dump Truck Training

Should I become a dump truck operator?

While nobody can always predict the economy’s direction, it’s safe to say that there is a wide array of opportunity for a professionally trained dump truck operator.  There is an obvious rise in construction jobs that require the use of dump trucks.

Safety and skill training are important when it comes to finding the long-term career you’re hoping for.  At HCA our goal is to provide the all-inclusive heavy equipment training required to give you an advantage in the job market, regardless of where you live.

Our comprehensive off road dump truck training starts at Heavy Construction Academy. These machines are just a taste of the equipment we have at our school. In fact, with over 70 pieces of heavy equipment, we are the only institution in the country that can guarantee one student per machine, ensuring you more operation time. You will never share a machine.

All off road dump truck training is taught by heavy equipment professionals with many years of experience in the construction industry. Thousands of students from all over the country have graduated from our programs with certifications that helped them secure jobs.

Roller Compactor Training

Roller Compactor Certifications

Roller compactor training completed at our heavy machine operator school will give you the training and certification you need to succeed. Not only will you receive training, but we also assist in finding and securing employment. Heavy machine operating is a fast growing industry. Also, work on growing in your career with us! The instructors here have the experience to help you succeed.

Industry professionals will be leading the training as they have the years of experience and the knowledge to pass onto you so that students can succeed. From all over the country, students take part in our programs. We will assist students with accommodations & financial aid.

Roller Compactor



Bulldozer operator training

Learn how to operate a bulldozer, and several other types of heavy equipment, at Heavy Construction Academy. Our programs are accessible to anyone interested in a construction career. The certifications you’ll receive upon graduation will show hiring employers that you know how to get the job done.
Bulldozer Training

Ready To Hit The Ground Running? Call Us Today!

If you’d like to learn how to operate a bulldozer and several other types of heavy machinery, our academy is for you. Heavy equipment operator programs are taught by industry professionals with many years of experience in construction, and our instructors are proficient and certified, as will you be upon graduation. Call 888.772.9002 today to join the nation’s fastest growing industry!

Motor Grader Training

You’ll find the nation’s leading motor grader training and certification program right here at Heavy Construction Academy! In NH, the campus has trained many students who have come from all over the US, each with their own unique background. They’ve graduated and many have successful careers.

Motor Grader

Get An Edge On The Competition. Call Us Today and Learn About Heavy Equipment License and Certification Training!

Those training here at Heavy Construction Academy are industry professionals that have a number of year of experience. This means that you will receive the right instruction that will assist you to achieve your certification and move onto your career goals. We are the ONLY academy in the nation that can guarantee that we train with one student per piece of equipment. This not only maximizes your operation time, but it also gives the student great one on one training with the equipment. Call us at 888-772-9002 and learn more about the programs.

Excavator Operator Training

Construction is a fast growing field. Companies are having a difficult time filling positions that require the right training and certifications! Heavy equipment operators are in demand! If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to operate equipment for excavation, NOW is the time to join Heavy Construction Academy. Learning how to operate these large machines is a challenge, but can lead you onto a successful career path. Here is how:

  • Since excavators are some of the most frequently used heavy equipment, well-trained and certified operators are always in demand.
  • Many employers report difficulty finding qualified equipment operators, certification puts you one step ahead.
  • Heavy Construction Academy can give you the training, certification, and job placement assistance you need to succeed.
Excavator Training

How to Become a Heavy Equipment Operator? Let’s Dig In!

Excavator training here at Heavy Construction Academy is taught by industry professionals with years of experience in the field. Student arrive from all over the country for our training. There is no reason not to inquire as we help with lodging and financial aid for those who qualify! Let’s talk. Give us a call at 888-772-9002 right now and get started on a new career.