Excavator Operator Training

Excavator Training

With Professional Training and Certification from HCA

With construction on the rise, employers are having a hard time finding qualified heavy equipment operators. Have you ever been interested in learning to operate an excavator? If you’re looking for a new career with plenty of opportunities, heavy equipment training might be the right choice for you. Learning how to operate an excavator can be a challenging but incredibly rewarding endeavor. Here’s how:

  • Since excavators are some of the most frequently used heavy equipment, well-trained and certified operators are always in demand.
  • Many employers report difficulty finding qualified equipment operators, certification puts you one step ahead.
  • Heavy Construction Academy can give you the training, certification, and job placement assistance you need to succeed.

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Our excavator training is taught by professionals with years of experience operating heavy machinery. We teach and certify students from all over the country, and we’ll even help with lodging and financial aid for those who qualify. Call 888.772.9002 today and get ready to dig into your new career!