Application for Enrollment


This is a school enrollment application to attend the 6-week training program to be an HEO certified on 8 different pieces of heavy equipment.  This is not a job application. There is a cost to attend the school, and there are many third-party state and federal programs, and private financing lending options that can help you pay for the school. After you fill out this application an Admissions Enrollment Specialist will reach out to you and help determine the best path for you.

We have a 91% job placement assistance rate after graduation, so “Let’s put your new career in gear!”  Take your time. Be as accurate as possible. Our goal is to get you working as quickly as possible toward your new career. The information you provide in this application will help us do that.

Don’t worry that any particular answer will prevent you from being accepted, but the more we know about you, the better we can advise you on not just your admissions, but on your career options after training.

Let’s go!