Off Road Dump Truck Training

Off Road Dump Truck Training

How to Become an Off Road Dump Truck Operator

With construction picking up across the country, the need for skilled and qualified dump truck operators will only increase.

Dump truck operators play a major role on every work-site and are relied on when it comes to keeping production moving along efficiently and on time.

“Is a career as a dump truck operator a good choice?”

We can’t always predict what the economy’s going to do, but with construction on the rise and an extremely wide variety of jobs that require the use of dump trucks, it’s safe to say that there is no shortage of opportunity for a professionally trained operator.

Safety and skill training are essential when it comes to finding the longer-term career you’re hoping for. Fortunately, at HCA our goal is to provide the all-inclusive training required to give you a leg-up in the job market, no matter where you live.

Your comprehensive off road dump truck training begins at Heavy Construction Academy. These machines are just a taste of the equipment we have at our school. In fact, with over 70 pieces of equipment, we are the only institution in the country that can guarantee one student per machine, ensuring you more operation time. You will never share a machine.

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All off road dump truck training is taught by professionals with several years of experience in the construction industry. Thousands of students from all over the country have graduated from our programs with certifications that helped them secure jobs.

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