Enrollment Services

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The Process

Heavy=Equipment-Operator-HCA-69Enrolling in our heavy equipment school is the first step toward a career in construction. HCA makes that first step easy. Whether you’re a veteran looking for work or a new path in an ever-growing industry, we have the program for you. If you’re a recent high school graduate or an experienced worker looking to advance your current position, we have programs for you, too.

Heavy=Equipment-Operator-HCA-38Step 1. Enrollment Interview
To ensure eligibility for enrollment, an enrollment interview will be conducted over the phone by an HCA Admissions Representative. The Rep will ask a few brief questions pertaining to your general health, background, etc. Your answers will be documented on an enrollment application.

Step 2. Enrollment Decision
Applications will be reviewed, and the applicant will be contacted within 72 hours by the Admissions Representative for notification of his/her enrollment status.

Step 3. Tuition
Once approved for enrollment, applicants must secure tuition for the program they wish to attend. The Admissions Representative will assist in exploring all financial options throughout this process, including Financial Assistance, if needed. For those who qualify, HCA’s financial assistance program can assist students in bridging the gap in tuition or covering living expenses while in school. Our Admission Reps have first-hand knowledge of Dept. of Labor and Federal Agency training funds available. If you are a veteran, we can help you determine which VA Education Benefit you may qualify for, if any, and help you complete and submit the proper VA forms.

Step 4. Logistics
Heavy=Equipment-Operator-HCA-90Working closely with your Admissions Rep, you will schedule a start date for class and a lodging reservation will be made at one of our local hotels. You will be sent a packing list, and directions to the hotel. If you choose to fly, you will be given the contact information for our contracted shuttle service to the hotel. Each student gets his or her own room. The hotel provides breakfast, HCA provides lunch, and there will be a shuttle bus running between the hotel and the campus.

Step 5. Attendance
Once the applicant has been accepted into the program, secured tuition, and arranged all of the logistics of attendance, he/she is ready to begin training as an HCA student.