Check out what our students and graduates are saying about their experiences with Heavy Construction Academy.


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I just graduated with the class of September 23rd 2016. I highly recommend this school, I went from not knowing a thing about heavy equipment to now running it with ease. The staff is amazing, they help you make a resume help you get a job and the instructors will help you better understand the equipment. This is the only school that gives you the most seat time. Well worth the time and you can meet some really good people!

- Blake Abney

After attending the school for six weeks I gain so much knowledge and experience. This school sets you up success. They literally make your resume for you and teach you great job interview skills. They are very hands on, which in my opinion is the best way to learn. I can honestly say since I graduated in December of 2015 I haven’t been unemployed for more than a month or two. I’m just proud to tell my employer I went there. It really helps out here in the St. Louis, MO area where most places are hard to get a decent paying job in the construction field. I say to all veterans this is a great life decision especially when transitioning out of the military life back to civilian. Just know that those who want something out of life will get it if they put fourth the effort.

- Jason Brison

“I got a job with a geothermal company in New Jersey as an excavator operator three days after graduating two weeks ago. I just wanted to say everything I was taught in school was spot on, and Eric and Dave were fantastic instructors. Their expert advice on the proper use and maintenance of equipment really paid off in the sit down interview, and when I had to demonstrate I knew how to properly operate the equipment. Please forward this to both Eric and Dave to express my gratitude for being great teachers. In addition, I would like to thank the entire staff at the school as well.”

- Ed Thomas

“When I got here my impression was that I was a little nervous because the only thing i ever ran for equipment before was like a 1957 Ford Front End Loader. My first day they put my on the biggest level 1, it’s pretty awesome.”

- Kyle “Pikachu” Ware

“It was a great use of my G.I. Bill to learn a new trade. We’re learning from industry professionals how the industry works, with a lot of good stick-time and practical knowledge.”

- Keith Carnes, Indianapolis, IN

“It’s a very user friendly program. They can communicate you through the radio, and you can apply everything [the instructors] tell you on the fly.”

- Jerry Dyer, Marble Falls, TX

“I came from northeast Pennsylvania to the Heavy Construction Academy to get skills to learn a new trade and make me marketable in the job field. I learned a lot in the time I was here.”

- Mike Musial