HCA prides itself on helping deserving students from across the country through our scholarship program. Scholarships are offered for every class.

HCA Scholarship Guidelines

Full Scholarship

To be considered for a full scholarship, applicants must have documented that they have a family income at or below federal poverty guidelines (see table below). One full scholarship is awarded each class for a student that meets this income guideline and is chosen as being most deserving per their submitted scholarship application.

# of Family Members

Maximum Family Income













*Add $4,160 for each additional family member

$4,000 and $2,000 Scholarships

For each class, one $4,000 scholarship and six $2,000 scholarships will be awarded. To be considered for these scholarships, applicants must document that they have a family income no greater than the maximum allowed per the table below. Eligible students, per this table, will be chosen based on the merits of their scholarship application.

# of Family Members

Maximum Family Income







*Add $20,000 for each additional family member

Forms of documentation required for consideration

  • Scholarship Application (Fill out form below)
  • Previous year tax return (mandatory unless not required to file)
  • Statement as to why applicant is not required to file taxes the previous year along with current bank statements and pay stub (if employed)
  • Proof applicant is a welfare recipient with no earned income

Call 1.888.772.9002, ext. 310 for more information about available scholarships.

Student Data


Form Data

  • Heavy Construction Academy offers eight scholarships every class based on demonstrated motivation to succeed and financial need. These scholarships are open to all applicants. Please fill out this application and return it to your Admissions Representative at least 10 days before your class start date for consideration. One full scholarship, one $4,000 and six $2,000 scholarships will be awarded no later than one week before each class start to scholarship applicants deemed most deserving. Our scholarships are Tuition Scholarships that are deducted from HCA Tuition and Fees.
  • Please provide a statement letting us know how obtaining your Heavy Equipment Operator certification at HCA will improve your future, personally and financially -
  • Please describe your financial situation so we may better understand your need for a Tuition Scholarship -
  • *Federal Income Tax Return from previous year (mandatory unless you did not have to file)*; Bank Statement; Low Income/Welfare Documentation; SSI Statement; Recent Pay Stubs
  • Not all of these forms of financial documentation will apply to you. The point is to give HCA a clear and correct picture of your financial situation if we are to consider you for a need-based scholarship. You should provide appropriate documents to your Admissions Representative along with this form. They will be protected and held in strict confidence.
  • Scholarships will be awarded based on student financial need and demonstrated motivation at the discretion of Ralph Delvecchio, founder and owner of Heavy Construction Academy. Scholarships cannot be awarded unless proper documentation is provided to the school.