Importance of Heavy Equipment Certification

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The Importance of a Heavy Equipment Operator Certification

Do I need a Heavy Equipment Certification?

If you want to start a new career in the construction industry, chances are you do. But HCA makes it easy! Heavy equipment certification is a growing necessity in the world of construction. Many companies not only require it for new hires, but also for experienced operators who wish to advance in their careers. Heavy Construction Academy, located in Brentwood, New Hampshire, trains and certifies students from all over the country, many of whom go on to successful careers in construction immediately upon graduation.

The Benefits of Heavy Equipment Certification:


  • Employers know that certified operators are safer and more proficient than those who are not.
  • According to a 2014 survey, employers are having a hard time finding qualified operators. Certification makes you exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Certification credentials meet or exceed all OSHA mandates and requirements.
  • You will be confident in your skills as a heavy equipment operator, and know that you can make an impact on any job-site.
  • Certification makes you more employable, and more likely to find a long-term position.
  • Why Get Certified?

Due to the nature of construction work, and the operation of heavy equipment, the U.S. government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has substantially increased regulations on the industry. Further, employers know that certified operators are safer and more proficient than those who are not certified. Some employers, in fact, have reported reduced liability insurance premiums as a result of hiring certified equipment operators.

Why are trained, certified operators in such demand? Watch the video below! To learn how HCA can help you begin a career as a heavy equipment operator, download a FREE brochure!

“A Licensed Department of Education Institution, Preparing Students for the Future”

Heavy Construction Academy is a licensed Department of Education institution, preparing students to meet the real-world challenges faced by today’s operators. Graduates receive a certification for programs completed, along with a national certification ID card. These credentials meet or exceed all OSHA mandates and requirements.

Your heavy equipment certification awaits. The right program for you is just a phone call away. We have the training, the equipment, and experienced instructors you need to succeed. Thousands of students have graduated from our academy and gone directly on to successful positions in the construction industry. We offer financial assistance for those who qualify, and can help arrange temporary stays at local motels and housing providers for deeply discounted rates.

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